We offer the following coaching and healing options:

Happiness Coaching

Happiness Coaching in a deep dive into what it means to truly fall in love with yourself and be unapologetically you. Happiness Coaching can help you break the cycles of chronic people-pleasing and not-good-enough-ness; ; allow you to finally find that elusive something you've been searching for; assuage your inner longing for deep intimacy and greater passion and true joy; and teach you what it looks and feels like to choose to be fiercely happy even if you don't remember or even know what that looks like.



The Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing

A Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing will charge, restructure, clear and energize each of the 12 levels of consciousness in the aura that may have become “blocked” or out of balance. The goal of Full Spectrum Healing is not simply to alleviate pain but to create harmony within the entire system for a more vibrant and joyful life. 


Phoenix Rising Healing

Rooted firmly in the belief that there is a strong connection between mind, body and spirit, Phoenix Rising Energy Healing combines physical releases with hands-on energy flow and holistic counseling, resulting in profound releases and shifts at all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Phoenix Rising Healing is especially powerful to guide clients to recognize old or ineffectual patterns, move through mental, emotional or physical blocks and/or increase spiritual awareness



Holistic Occupational Therapy 

Holistic OT uses a combination of several hands-on modalities, Reiki and Matrix Energetics, coupled with a an intimate knowledge of anatomy to unwind your body and release your stuck energy. This is especially powerful for relieving pain, moving through difficult emotional wounds and easing mental strain. Clients often report feeling relief and calm after just one session.