What about this book?

I have been performing healings and teaching spiritual work for over a decade, all the while searching for the elusive pearl of being comfortable in my own skin. My mantra during that time was always "Why the F*&% am I still stuck???" Until I was able to lean in to do real work in a deep way, I would only gain traction for so long. I can finally say with unequivocal certainty that it is okay to be me. The feeling of being completely at home as I am, without defense or ego is indescribably powerful and peaceful. Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone alive could feel that, even just once in their lives? Have you? 


Everything I've studied, read, learned about, practiced and taught has all lead me to this point and came together in this powerful book, Why the Eff Am I Stuck??? A Guide for Living with Joy and Enthusiasm. I have a a deeply held conviction that we are all interconnected, spiritually and emotionally and I KNOW that if everyone were leaning in to their own personal growth and spiritual development we could live in a Utopian world. Furthermore, that is our sole reason for existing on the planet.  

Our souls chose to incarnate now, in this time to have a human experience and to be our most amazing, highest selves.

This book is a very practical, hands-on, easily accessible how-to guide for doing the deep, intense spiritual work necessary to raise our consciousness and move our souls forward. It is for anyone who has felt stuck or who longs for something bigger than we are -- a deeper connection with others, themselves and/or God/the Universe/Spirit. This book was written for those who has ever believed or felt there was more to life and yearned to experience increased joy, passion, enthusiasm and true intimacy.  Whether readers are just beginning their spiritual journey or they long to take their Work to the next level, this book will be the springboard into the next (or first) level of growth and transformation. Our spirits are crying out for intimacy and this book, told through the story of my journey in this work, gives specific hints, tips, tricks and exercises on how to lean into this wok in a real way. We need more joy and enthusiasm in the world and this book is the roadmap to get us there.