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The Chakras of Happiness


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About the Course

Chakra 1- The Root of Happiness (Oct 20 -- Dec 1, 2022 No class Nov 24)
Root, family, tribe, physical world. All of this is feeling very uncertain for so many of us right now. We will look at the demon of the First Chakra, which is fear and how we both lose our power around fear and our family as well as in the physical world. We will uncover limiting beliefs and old stories and shed light on vows of who we’re supposed to be. We’ll also look at how we are empowered in our core and start to embrace our gifts and strengths.

Chakra 2 —The Birthplace of Happiness (Jan 5 -- Feb 9, 2023)
Second chakra is the birthplace of our feelings, passion, emotions and sexuality. The demon is guilt. So in this leg will be diving into embracing and feeling and owning all of our feelings and allowing the fullest expression of them without judgment, without stuffing them, without tamping them down. We’ll explore what it means to feel guilty and how we can choose to be lead by (rather than ruled by) our emotions.

Chakra 3 — The Fire of Happiness (Feb 23 -- March 23, 2023)
Self-esteem, will, drive, action in the world are all the hallmarks of the 3rd chakra. The demon is shame and we’ll spend time distinguishing between guilt and shame, looking at where we lose our power to self-judgment as well as the demands of how we show up in society. We’ll call back our power to choose our highest self and learn to set boundaries.

Chakra 4 — The Love of Happiness (April 6 --April 27, 2023)
Chakra 4 is how we come into relationship. There is love and compassion as well as the demon of grief and sadness. When are hearts are open, we can embrace everyone as they are, including ourselves. When we shut down our hearts from grief and trauma, we trap ourselves inside and shut ourselves off from the love and intimacy we all crave and need. We’ll explore intimacy as a way to see deeper into ourselves – intimacy = “into me I see” – and we will learn to choose love with an open heart.

Chakra 5 — The Voice of Happiness (May 11 -- May 25)
The words we speak have power, especially to ourselves. The demon of the 5th chakra is lies and we’ll explore both the lies we tell ourselves and others, the most common of which is “I’m fine”. We’ll learn to speak the words that are in our heart and express our deeper truth as well as choose how to claim our power with our energy and our words.

Chakra 6&7 — The Wisdom of Happiness (June 8 -- June 29)
Opening the 6th and 7th chakra to deeper perception and greater connection both to the Divine and ourselves is the ultimate goal of spiritual work. The demon of chakra 6 is illusion and the demon of the 7th chakra is attachment. We’ll spend the last 4 weeks of this course exploring what it means to surrender as a spiritual practice and route to happiness; as well as how to release our illusions and attachments to story and outcome to live in the present moment, guided by our feelings and emotions with our heart at the center instead of our head.

Your Instructor

Robin Thomas and Patti Roberts

Robin Thomas and Patti Roberts

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