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Chakras of Consciousness


Biweekly, Wednesdays May10-June28, 2023


$600 (Payment plans available)

About the Course

The World Needs Your Light
• What if there’s nothing to heal, nothing to fix, and nothing broken?
• What if you could learn how to raise your vibration AND keep it elevated long-term?
• What if you could spend 8 weeks in an intimate Mastermind of healers and lightworkers who are also exploring consciousness work and personal mastery?
• What if you could learn from two master healers/spiritual teachers who are also doing deep consciousness work?

Spend the next two months with us diving deep into the Mysteries and opening yourself up to the Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Power within you.

The Chakras of Happiness Mastermind will meet via Zoom bi-weekly on Wednesdays
May 10 to June 28 7:00p – 9:00p EST.

In between there will be pre-recorded modules, videos, and tools to deepen the learning and enhance your journey.

Your Instructor

Robin Thomas and Patti Roberts

Robin Thomas and Patti Roberts

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