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Chakras 101 Masterclass


September 18, 2024



About the Course

Join me for a FREE Masterclass to learn about the your Chakras!

Most are familiar with the word chakras, but what exactly are they?

Chakra is the ancient Sanskrit word for 'wheel'. The Chakra system has been referred to as "Wheels of Life" (Anodea Judith), "Anatomy of the Spirit" (Caroline Myss), and "Wheels of Light" (Rosalyn Bruyere) to name just a few.

Ok, but...

What does that mean? How does knowing our chakra system help us?

I'm glad you asked 💜

Chakras are spinning sources of energy inside of us! They are how we interact with the world.

Everyone has seven (7) chakras. Each chakra corresponds to a different aspect of ourselves and our energy field. They are our ingredients, our law of attraction magnets, the birthplaces of our shadow, and the source of our power.

In short, chakras and the chakra system is our spiritual and energetic connection to the physical world.

I think of chakras as levels of consciousness. When we know how we operate within those levels it guides us to a deeper understanding of who we are.

During our 90-Minute Journey:
We will discuss and explore all 7 chakras in terms of color, area of the body, and energy level.

- Our energy system as a whole
- How chakras get blocked
- What we can do to balance our chakra system
- The ways we use our chakras every day, with and without our awareness
- Start to introduce how vows and judgments block our chakras and create our shadow

This experience is both an introduction to chakras and a deep dive into energy management. It will be a brand new take on the energy system that rules our life.

I promise, beginner or expert, you will leave with a deeper understanding of your chakras and who you are at the core.

Please join me for this fascinating exploration of our spiritual and energetic blueprints. The masterclass is free, but filling out the below form to register is required.

Sign me up! Chakra 101 Masterclass, Thursday, Sept 28 7:00p-8:30p

Your Instructor

Robin Thomas and Patti Roberts

Robin Thomas and Patti Roberts

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