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Can you remember who you were

before they told you who you should be?

Our world is changing. The Universe is waking up from a long slumber where people have forgotten our purpose. Our role, our sole reason for existing at this time is to live life fully and completely as ourselves, with fierce happiness. Can you imagine what would be possible if every person alive lived a life of meaning and purpose, wholly aligned in our highest Truth? God (the Universe, Spirit or whatever you consider the source of all life to be) has but one goal for all of humanity – to say yes to our greatness. Who are we to ignore that directive?


Yawn, stretch, come alive into your greatness and allow yourself to experience the breath of Consciousness.

In the natural rhythm of breath there is a pause. In the stillness of this pause is profound wisdom. This is the beginning of true Knowing. If you listen carefully, there is a voice, a yearning for something bigger than you are. Are you willing to answer that call?


“What is it you plan do with this one wild and precious life?”

~Mary Oliver

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